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Welcome to the Website

Thank you for visiting! If you’re here looking for a way to totally transform your life & your body, you’ve come to the right place. Permanent weight loss has been elusive for many people. Why? . . . because the total person is not just a body but is also a mind and a spirit. When […]

Anti-Aging Practices

Foods That Age And Foods That Heal Many things contribute to anti-aging and staying young with good health and energy absolute musts. The last blog was devoted to foods that heal and foods that age. My experience has been that when I have a foggy brain, headache, exhaustion and /or pain, I not only feel […]

Tips for Aging Faster . . . Or Not

Do you want to get old fast ? . . . look older than your age, lack energy, have chronic diseases, lose mental clarity and memory and die young? What? You must be kidding! Every senior I know wants a wrinkle-free face, firm abs, unlimited energy, good memory and a healthy body. Good health habits can prevent and […]

Practicing Happiness

Are you searching for happiness? True happiness is illusive to many of us. Perhaps you theorize that happiness will come when I have more money . . . or when I solve my health problems  . . . or when I meet the right man/woman . . . or when I have peace of mind. […]