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Welcome to the Website

Thank you for visiting! If you’re here looking for a way to totally transform your life & your body, you’ve come to the right place. Permanent weight loss has been elusive for many people. Why? . . . because the total person is not just a body but is also a mind and a spirit. When […]

Soup, Love, Forgiveness, Obesity, Celebration

Each week, I get new information; some useful for me personally and some to be filed away for future reference. Whatever the disposition, most of it is interesting and I trust that you also will find some of it useful. My experience is that what we need to know shows up exactly when we need it. This is […]

My Week in Review

Last week, I had a lot of interesting information show up through discussion with friends, new books, and nutritional newsletters and want to share some of this random information with you. Here goes: American’s Best Cancer Doctors and Their Secrets, A patient’s guide to making an informed choice by Frank Cousineau. This is a book […]

Choose Happiness!

Two thousand-fifteen (2015) is an extraordinary year! This is a year of breakthroughs, a year when you can choose a new life, happiness and fulfillment! How do I know? “I feel it in my bones.” From the first day of 2015, I’ve felt excitement and a knowing that during this year, dreams will come true. To add to my conviction, I heard two very […]