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Welcome to the Website

Thank you for visiting! If you’re here looking for a way to totally transform your life & your body, you’ve come to the right place. Permanent weight loss has been elusive for many people. Why? . . . because the total person is not just a body but is also a mind and a spirit. When […]

Practicing Happiness

Are you searching for happiness? True happiness is illusive to many of us. Perhaps you theorize that happiness will come when I have more money . . . or when I solve my health problems  . . . or when I meet the right man/woman . . . or when I have peace of mind. […]

Beauty on a Balcony

.   SQUARE FOOT GARDENING One thing I’ve regretted about living in a condo was no yard in which to plant a garden . . . until I heard about Square Foot Gardening. It is a way to grow a garden on a balcony or other limited space with little effort. So what is a Square […]

Powerful Aids to Health

Herbs and spices can facilitate weight loss, soothe digestive problems, reduce joint pain, balance blood sugar, and increase your youthful look and energy – all by eating foods in which they are an ingredients or by adding them to foods you eat. Listed below are some herbs and spices with important health benefits.  Foods That […]