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Welcome to the Website

Thank you for visiting! If you’re here looking for a way to totally transform your life & your body, you’ve come to the right place. Permanent weight loss has been elusive for many people. Why? . . . because the total person is not just a body but is also a mind and a spirit. When […]

GMO Foods – Benefical or Harmful

GMO food is beneficial, if you believe the information put out by the companies that supply it, including Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Syngenta or Dow Agrosciences. I don’t! Incredibly, the FDA, EPA and the USDA allow the suppliers of GMOs to test, control and determine that GMO foods are safe for humans and the environment. Unfortunately […]

Was Robin Williams’ Death Preventable?

The nation and maybe the world were shocked when we learned of Robin Williams’ death. It was inconceivable that one who brought such great happiness, who seemingly had everything, suffered enough that he no longer wanted to live. Over the years as I watched Williams perform, I was truly entertained, laughed a lot and enjoyed […]

The Secret of Happiness

We are blessed! Perhaps a friend’s 3-year-old child understands better how fortunate we are than we intelligent, thinking adults. One fateful day, Evan, 3 years old at that time, burst into the room, threw his hands into the air and loudly proclaimed, “It’s a wonderful life!” Can we say the same? I have a pleasant, comfortable […]